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Luna Moths Butterfly Insects Cross Stitch Pattern by Treasured Finds Designs
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We offer High Quality Clip Art and Cross Stitch Patterns that are Fun to print and enjoy.

Fabric: Aida 18, White
198w X 126h Stitches
Size(s): 18 Count, 11w X 7h in
28 Count, 7w X 4-1/2h in
14 Count, 14-1/8w X 9h in
11 Count, 18w X 11-3/8h in

Your Luna Moths Butterfly Insects Cross Stitch Pattern by Treasured Finds Designs (This is not a kit) comes with the instructions to create your work of art on 11 ct, 14 ct, 18 ct and 28 ct Aida cloth. A good picture to give you and idea of what your finished pattern should look like. The symbols are large and easy to read and stitch. Pattern is created to use DMC floss with NO blended colors. NO half stitches only full stitches used. What you see is what you get.

50 Colors

.Download .PDF File when purchase is completed

Watermarks do not appear on finished pattern. Frame is not's added to show how the finished pattern might look mounted.

We can also provide a hard copy for you if wanted. The pricing for a printed shipped pattern would be the cost of a downloadable file plus printing. Shipping is Free.

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