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Little Victorian Girl with Note Cross Stitch Pattern Pattern
Fabric: Aida 24, White
384w X 520h Stitches
Size(s): 24 Count, 16w X 21-5/8h in
14 Count, 27-3/8w X 37-1/8h in
18 Count, 21-1/4w X 28-7/8h in
20 Count, 19-1/8w X 26h in ....More
With Love Winged Cherub Violet Valentine Cross Stitch Pattern Pattern Chart
Fabric: Aida 18, White
198w X 206h Stitches
Size(s): 18 Count, 11w X 11-3/8h in
14 Count, 14-1/8w X 14-5/8h in
11 Count, 18w X 18-5/8h in ....More
Mandarin Geisha Tea Asian Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: Aida 22, Christmas Red
198w X 314h Stitches
Size(s): 22 Count, 9w X 14-1/4h in
20 Count, 9-7/8w X 15-5/8h in
18 Count, 11w X 17-3/8h in
14 Count, 14-1/8w X 22-3/8h in ....More
Harrison Fisher Lady with Her Cockatoo Bird “Speak” Cross Stitch Pattern 00237
Fabric: Aida 24, White
203w X 285h Stitches
Size(s): 24 Count, 8-3/8w X 11-7/8h in
18 Count, 11-1/4w X 15-3/4h in
14 Count, 14-1/2w X 20-1/4h in ....More
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